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Why Choose RenterNET USA?

...Beacuse we put the "SERVICE" back in the name "Internet Service Provider". Our service plans include the best support money can buy in every market we serve. We don't just install a modem in your property and abandon it...we build a high quality access network and support and maintain it for all users in the property for one low price. Don't be fooled by other providers that charge a low introductory rate, only to raise it by 20-40% or more in future years. Choose the company that saves you money...Only RenterNET USA gets LESS expensive and stays that way, EVERY ADDITIONAL YEAR!

Owner Loyalty Discounts…A RenterNET USA Exclusive

We are the only provider that charges a fair price the first year you are with us, then REDUCES the price EVERY YEAR going forward. Every other provider gives you a cheap introductory rate, and then raises it in subsequent years. We know that loyalty should be rewarded, and we insist on giving our existing owners an even better deal than any new client could get. The savings really add up…over 5 years, you’ll save an average of more than $400.00 staying with us than you would paying their higher rates!

24-Hour Support

Guests need support when they need it, not when it is convenient for the provider. We give support ANY TIME, day or night, whenever it is needed. Most companies won't take a guest call at all, and some will 10 hours a day, ONLY RenterNET USA takes them 24 Hours a day.

Fast Response Times

We install Business Class bandwidth to ensure rapid response times in cases of an outage. It costs us more, but it is worth it. Guests are only here for 7 days...they cannot wait for 5 days to get help. Our same-or-next day support is the fastest available on the Outer Banks, bar none.

Managed Networking

Most providers rent you a modem, leaving you to build and support an access network on your own. We install the complete solution, including the wired and wireless networking you need, along with support materials to inform guests on how to use it. Don't settle for 1/3rd of what you really need.

Real IT Technicians

Wiring contractors are not equipped to solve networking issues, and you shouldn't settle for support from unqualified personnel. RenterNET USA was founded by IT technicians to deliver a level of support unavailable from your typical utility-based provider. Best of all, it's FREE.

Flat Rate Pricing

Most providers advertise a low monthly rate, then rent you the equipment and charge you for service visits, further increasing the price you actually pay. Our pricing is flat-rate, all-inclusive, period...no mid-season surprises. We even discount the price EVERY YEAR after the first one, so our service costs less as you keep it...the way it should be!

Services Built Specifically for the Rental Industry

Supporting weekly vacation rental properties is all we do, and we do it better than anyone else. Every product we provide is built specifically for this audience. We are not taking a residential internet product and attempting to stretch it for this type of use. We are not selling you a connection and then using it ourselves to promote advertising over it to your guests. Our products are designed for one goal: to enable guests to stay connected to their work, friends, and entertainment options so they can spend a week in a property without being disconnected. While some guests come here to get away, most cannot come here at all unless they can stay connected at least some time throughout their week. Our internet products are unfiltered, so there are no consoles to pop up and disrupt their usage. Our telephone product includes free long distance to allow them to stay connected to their contacts back home without generating exorbitant fees for the homeowner. We block all charge-generating services (such as 900 numbers, collect calling, etc.) for FREE, because we know this is necessary in a rental. Every product we sell is designed from the ground up for a rental property, no compromises!

Multiple products

We feature several choices including internet and telephone to meet a variety of budget needs. Click the button below to see our product offerings and find what you've been looking for in a vacation amenity internet provider.


Our Key Features

  • A complete supported network - not just a modem
  • FREE 24-HOUR Support for Owners AND GUESTS
  • FREE Same-or-Next Day Onsite Guarantee
  • Business Class Bandwidth at Residential Prices
  • Real IT Technicians, not just wiring contractors
  • Flat-Rate All-Inclusive Pricing, NO SURPRISES
  • Custom Support Materials to help guests connect
  • Devices Included and Warrantied FOREVER


"We purchased our home 6 weeks before the rental season started and needed to completely set up the high speed internet in short order..."