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We offer annual services for homeowners and weekly accounts for vacationers renting a property that doesn't offer wireless access

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Annual Services: SpeedNET™ leads the way for speed in the industry we created more than a decade ago...

As the first company to offer fully managed wireless-only internet access in rental properties, we know how to take care of you and your guests better than anyone. Our NEW SpeedNET™ Service leads the way featuring speeds up to 100 Mbps with all the support and service you AND YOUR RENTAL GUESTS need. Best of all, we set everything up for you and manage it on an ongoing basis. We handle maintenance of the devices, interaction with the bandwidth provider, software updates, and all support without bothering you...the way it should be. Step up to better customer service...choose SpeedNET™! Don't settle for DSL Speeds or browser hi-jacking advertising consoles just to get the guest support you need, choose RenterNET and get UNFILTERED SPEED and GUEST SUPPORT!

SpeedNET™ Advanced

Everything a rental property needs at an affordable price...without settling for slower DSL speeds!

Plan Includes:

Up to 100 Mbps down / 10 Mbps up Cable-Based Internet Access
Wired and Wireless Networking Devices Provided (DOCSIS 3.0 Modem and 802.11ac Router, Upgrades Available)
Customized Secure Wireless Network Setup in your Property
Customized Support Materials provided to help guests connect
FREE 24-Hour Phone Support for all users
FREE Same or Next Day onsite guarantee
FREE Failed Device Replacements for the life of your contract
Interaction with your Property Management Company to keep everyone in the loop
Other providers increase their pricing after the first 12 months, some even do it again after 24 months, OURS GOES DOWN AND STAYS LOWER...see below

Annual Cost 1st Year: $791.88 ($65.99/mo.), additional years $683.88 ($56.99 per month)*
Installation Fee: $60.00 (one time)
* Includes membership in our Owner Loyalty Program after 12 months, which gives you an automatic $108.00/year discount every year for as long as you stay with us. Other services are cheaper the first year, but NOBODY saves you more year after year than RenterNET while providing the level of service we provide.

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DigiNET™ Digital Home Phone Service sets the bar for rental properties

Why does the phone company charge extra to block the features you don't need on your rental property phone service? Aren't they giving you less? Shouldn't it cost LESS? Our DigiNET™ Home Phone Service does! We offer static-free digital home phone service with FREE long distance calling to the lower 48 US States and Canada and pesky, unnecessary features that interfere with your keyless entry system or house alarm blocked for free. It's home phone service designed specifically for the vacation rental industry, without the extra charges the phone company wants to tack on to try to alter their residential product to work in a rental property. Choose home phone service designed from the ground up for your property for less than $29.00 per month...choose DigiNET™!

DigiNET™ Digital Telephone

The flat-rate telecommunication solution custom-built for rental properties

Plan Includes:

FREE Local and Long Distance to the lower 48 US States and Canada
All 900 Number, International, and Collect calling blocked free of charge
Works with your existing phones and house wiring
Unneeded features like voice mail, call forwarding, etc. blocked free of charge
FREE 24-Hour Phone Support for all users
FREE Same or Next Day onsite guarantee
FREE new local number when you sign up, or port your existing number for a one time charge of $20.00

Annual Cost: $383.88 ($31.99/month), discounted to $343.92 ($28.66 per month) when you bundle with any SpeedNET™ Plan
Installation Fee: $60.00 (one time), or get SpeedNET™ and DigiNET™ installed together for a combined installation fee of $99.99 total.

PLEASE NOTE: Alarm systems and private septic systems that use a traditional phone line for communications purposes may require a secondary line upgrade at an additional cost of $9.00 per month. Please be sure to specify if your property has an alarm or septic system that requires telephony access at the time of placing your order.

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Weekly Services: QuikNET™ Weekly Wireless saves your vacation!

Vacationers need internet access while traveling, and RenterNETUSA delivers! We are the only choice for properties that normally have no internet access to get secure, private wireless for all your devices while on vacation. Simply make your reservation with us and we'll go to the rental property on your date of arrival and install a network for you and your entire party to use. We even come back after you check out and uninstall it, leaving the house exactly as we found it before you arrived. You only have to join the secure network one time on each wireless device you bring, and they'll all have the internet access you need during your stay. You also get free 24-Hour support, and a same-or-next day onsite service policy to keep you connected. It couldn't be easier!

QuikNET™ Weekly Wireless Internet Access

The secure, private choice for properties that don't offer internet

Plan Includes:

30Mbps Down / 4Mbps Up Business Class Broadband over Cable
Delivery and installation of our device before you arrive
Pickup and removal of the device after you leave
Secure, private, non-shared access (No community access points, we're private)
Wired and Wireless connections are supported
FREE 24-Hour Phone Support for all users
FREE Same or Next Day onsite guarantee

Weekly Cost: $99.95
Non-Refundable Administrative/Reservation Fee: $15.00

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QuikNET™: How does it work?

As long as the property you are renting meets the following criteria, we can provide the internet access you need in any location on the northern beaches (from the 4WD Ramp in Corolla to South Nags Head)

1) It MUST have cable television from the local cable company, NOT SATELLITE

2) It MUST be north of the Oregon Inlet Bridge (South Nags Head to Corolla Area)

3) It MUST be a stand-alone property (NO Condos or other multi-dwellings)

4) The cable signal MUST be strong enough to support High Speed Internet

As long as it meets these requirements, we can make it happen for you! Here's how it works: We charge a non-refundable $15.00 fee when you place your order. We then drive out to your rental cottage on the day of your arrival and test the incoming signal from the cable company. If the cable signal quality is sufficient, we install a cable gateway device providing wired and wireless capabilities for the week and bill you the weekly fee of $99.95. If you need help connecting to or using the service, we provide local phone support and next-day, on-site service to assist you. At the end of your week, you simply leave the device in the cottage and our technicians will pickup the device from the property after you leave. If we test your property and find that the cable signal or house wiring is not sufficient to support the service, we do not install the device and you are not charged the $99.95. Check out our QuikNET Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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QuikNET™ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I connect to your secure wireless access point?

A: Our device will be installed in the cottage near one of the TVs, and it will have a sticker on the side of the box. That sticker will have the name of the wireless network (beginning with the word "RenterNET"), the network access key, the local phone number for support, and an outgoing email server if you need it. It also has a description of the security we use. Simply use your wireless utility to scan for available networks, pick our network, enter the key, and you're off and running online.

Q: How many computers/devices can use this service simultaneously?

A: While there is no set limit, a wireless router can usually support up to 15 devices simultaneously.

Q: How secure is the security on your cable gateway?

A: We use basic security techniques to keep out unwanted freeloaders and eavesdroppers while maintaining the widest possible level of compatibility with older and newer computing devices. While the security we use is better than unsecured alternatives, it is NOT 100% bulletproof. It is designed to keep out the riff-raff, but users should not assume that ANY wireless security method is 100% hacker-proof. With all of the unsecured access points out there, it is unlikely that a person would waste their time trying to gain access to our secured network when it is far easier to leech off one of the unsecured ones.

Q: Are you a division of the local Cable Company?

A: No. We pay for access to their data network, but we are not affiliated with them in any way.

Q: If the local Cable Company has a system problem or outage during my stay, can I get my money back?

A: No. We charge you for testing, delivery, and pickup of a device. SInce we have no control over their service, we cannot warranty it in any way. System outages are rare, but it is possible for their service to be interrupted during your stay. Think of our product like renting a surfboard from a surf shop...if the waves don't come in every day of your stay, the surf shop can't refund you because you didn't get to use the board every day. We still have to test, deliver, and pickup the device whether the Cable Company keeps it on for the entire stay or not.

Q: Will joining your wireless network cause my laptop to no longer work back at my home or office?

A: No. Your laptop will create and save a unique profile for our network that will not interfere with other wireless networks you regularly use. Once created, this profile will be used each time you boot the computer, preventing the need to enter the key more than once during your stay.

Q: I see you provide an outgoing email server. Why would I need that?

A: If you use web-based email (i.e. you go to a website, log in, and check your email), then you will not need it. If you use a local email client such as Outlook, Pegasus, Eudora, etc. you might need it. The local Cable Company will not allow unauthenticated email to flow on their network. As long as your email provider allows you to send a login and password to their server when you send mail out, you will not need to change anything. If your email provider does not allow authentication on sent mail, then you will need to use the local Cable Company's server during your stay. So how can you tell? Connect to our network and try to send an email from yourself to yourself. If you get an error message, you need to change your outgoing server. If the mail comes back after a few minutes, no changes are needed. Our support center can help you change it if you do not know how to do so.

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RenterNETUSA is proud to serve more than 27 different Outer Banks Property Managers with our weekly and annual products. Our weekly QuikNET service is available to nearly every property on the Outer Banks north of the Oregon Inlet Bridge. If you are vacationing or own rental property on the Northern Outer Banks, we've got you and your guests covered!